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Sliding Doors and Windows

Welcome to our catalogue of Sliding/Stacker Doors and Windows.

Using the latest systems and techniques, we can open up your home to the outside using sliding/stacking doors or sashes. The advantage of using this type of system is that the opened doors do not impact on the area immediately outside of the doors. This allows for a free area around the doors which can then allow for furniture to be positioned just outside of the doors without the doors swinging and hitting against the furniture.

The running gear we use is fully adjustable and almost fully draft proof. The doors run smoothly using gear that is rated far past the doors normal weight rating.

The following drawings only illustrate the 1-Lite door and sash styles. However, any door style can be made, and to any size. (Please note: This page is for using as a price guide only, and the final cost of your joinery may differ based on the size, wind zone, and configuration of your joinery. We would encourage you to get a quote from us first).

All sliding doors and windows are made from premium grade Cedar doors and sashes, with H3.1 Pine frames. Single glazed joinery is putty glazed. Double glazed joinery is beaded glazed using the latest in glazing design and technology. Heavy duty draught seals as well as facings are factory fitted to all our joinery. All joinery is completely primed.

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We also offer the following services:  Hardware; Delivery, Installation.

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Sliding Doors

(Typical door size is 1980mm high (2100mm high frame) x 900mm wide. Doors can be made higher and wider for additional costs)

Up to 2100h x 1750w

Single Glazing:  $4350
Double Glazing: $4990
Hardware From $450

Up to 2100h x 2530w

Single Glazing:  $6550
Double Glazing: $7550
Hardware From $450

Up to 2100h x 3430w

Single Glazing:  $8050
Double Glazing: $9250
Hardware From $780

Sliding Windows

(Typical sash size is 1100mm high (1170mm high frame) x 800mm wide. Sashes can be made higher and wider for additional costs)

Up to 1170h x 1600w

Single Glazing:  $3190
Double Glazing: $3550
Hardware From $450

Up to 1170h x 2320w

Single Glazing:  $4750
Double Glazing: $5290
Hardware From $450

Up to 1170h x 3120w

Single Glazing:  $5750
Double Glazing: $6490
Hardware From $720

Architectural Details


Timberoll 200

Brio Timberoll 200 is an external bottom rolling sliding window and door hardware system for maximum panel weights of up to 200 kg's. It is well suited for large patio doors with timber framed glazed panels. It can accommodate doors up to 3.0 metres high and 3.0 metres wide. Timberoll 200 can be used in both residential and commercial applications, where any number of doors or sashes can be used on single or multiple lines of rail that can slide to one or both sides of the opening.

Brio Timberoll 200 system slides on two self leveling double bogie rollers, rebated into the base of each door/sash panel. The full stainless steel construction of this roller and precision stainless steel bearings, offers superior rolling performance, making Timberoll 200 ideal for coastal applications. The roller also features a side adjustment screw, allow for future adjustment of the doors.


Timberoll comes complete with a unique interlocking device that serves multiple purposes. The interlocker and fin seal provides a tight weather seal solution between the sliding and fixed panels. For Multiple panel applications, the interlocker also acts to collect and close panels as well as providing weather sealing between each panel. The interlocker also provides a level of security: once engaged the panels collected are unable to move away from their intended line of operation. And once the lock engages, the doors are unable to be lifted out of the frame.


As well as having the interlocker sealing between each door panel, quality draught seals are also fitted to the frame. These seals have a dual role: They allow for a smooth operation of each panel during the opening and closing operation,  and once the panels are closed, each panel is sealed against this seal, providing a clean watertight seal to all panels.

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