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Double Glazing

Double Glazed Window Cross Section

Double Glazing, also known as Insulating Glass Units (IGU's), is where two or more panels of glass are bonded to a perimeter spacer, trapping in a layer of either air or argon gas. IGU's retain much more heat in a room during winter,reducing heat loss and saving energy. They reduce noise penetration and window condensation and provide warmer zones near windows to increase comfort. They are harder to break than single glazing and the shards normally stay in place after breakage,increasing security.

The performance of an IGU in reducing heat loss can be enhanced by using Argon Gas instead of air inside the unit as it provides better insulation than air. Adding Low E glass to the unit will also further enhance its thermal properties as it traps the heat inside the room.


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Spacers System

Spacers Systems:

The gap between the panes of glass in a double glazed window is created by inserting a spacer around the edge of the glass that also seals the air or argon gas inside. There are two main types of spacers we can use. For guidance on what spacer system is most appropriate for your needs, please contact us and we are happy to discuss your needs.

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Thermal Performance

Glazing Performance Data:

Glass is the only building material that not only insulates us from temperature extremes, it can also control the passage of light and heat into and out of our homes. A better understanding of how glass works can help you to make the right selection for your windows.

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Low E Glass

Low E Glass:

Low emissivity (Low-E glass) is a critical component of high performance energy efficient windows. Low-E glass allows light to enter while also providing thermal insulation.

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Laminated Glass

UV & Acoustic Laminate:

Multi residential and higher density living is becoming more prevalent in the New Zealand building landscape, with residential properties being built closer to boundaries and seeking greater utilization of land. As urban densities increase, there is increasing exposure to noise........

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Retrofit Double Glazing:

We can double glaze any of our joinery making your home cosy and warm for your comfort. Talk to us about adding "Low E" coating and "Argon Gas" to your double glazing to add even more insulation. We can also retrofit double glazing to your existing joinery by replacing your doors or sashes with new ones. This saves the hassle of removing the frames and keeps the cost down. Call us to discuss.

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