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Acoustic UV Laminate

Multi residential and higher density living is becoming more prevalent in the New Zealand building landscape, with residential properties being built closer to boundaries and seeking greater utilization of land. As urban densities increase, there is increasing exposure to noise. Yet we expect our homes to still provide tranquility, which places a significant challenge on architects and builders to offer appropriate noise solutions.

By using an acoustic performance laminated glass you can achieve a significant reduction in sound transmission compared to ordinary glass. Being a laminated glass, it is also a safety glass and reduces fading of interior furnishings by eliminating 99% of ultra violet (UV) light.

The benefits of an acoustic laminated glass:

  • Reduce unwanted noise
  • Laminated safety glass for your protection
  • 99% UV block for protection of furnishings

The nature of the decibel scale illustrates how a small variation in decibles equates to a large variation in what we hear.

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