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Are you losing valuable warmth through your windows and doors?

Don't compromise on comfort, upgrade your double glazing to PLANITHERM. A new generation of energy saving glass designed to reflect radiated heat back into the room by using free energy from the heat and light of the sun. For a lighter, brighter, warmer and more energy efficient home, insist on PLANITHERM.

PLANITHERM is the new generation of energy saving, double glazing. The advanced coating technology of PLANITHERM effectively reflects long-wave radiated heat back into a room, thereby minimising heat loss through windows and doors while maximising solar heat gain and natural light  transmission. This results in a lighter, brighter, warmer and more energy efficient home.

What is PLANITHERM and how does it work?

PLANITHERM is a high performance, thermally insulating glass also known as low-emissivity or low-E glass. It has a transparent metallic coating on one side of the inner pane of a double glazed unit. This coating reflects the heat generated inside your house back into the room to help insulate your home by keeping as much warmth inside as possible.

A double glazed unit with PLANITHERM:

Where can PLANITHERM be used?

PLANITHERM can be used in any of our double glazed applications, such as:
• Timber windows, both traditional and modern design. Double hung windows, sliding windows, bifold windows.
• Timber doors, French doors, bifold doors, sliding doors, entrance doors

• Retro-fit double glazing.

Why insist on PLANITHERM glass?

Thermal insulation – optimising reflected heat means less energy is needed to heat a home to the desired temperature, saving on heating costs.
More comfortable rooms – better glazing insulation reduces the cold spots and drafts usually experienced near windows and doors.
Reduced condensation – the temperature of the interior pane is kept closer to room temperature.
Exceptional clarity – less tint than any other low-E glass enables the clearest vision through your glass to maximise views and maintain colour clarity.
More light – less tint also means more light enters a room, making a brighter environment and reducing a need for extra lighting inside.
Less chance of haze (dusty effect) – this effect is commonly associated with traditional types of low-E glass.
Versatility – by combining other specialist glass products available, a multitude of high performance, multi-functional double glazing solutions can be achieved.

Do windows with PLANITHERM require special maintenance?

No. The glass must be used in a double glazed window so that the special reflective coating is placed inside the cavity, protecting it from damage. Therefore it can be cleaned in exactly the same way as standard windows.

PLANITHERM is manufactured by world leading glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain. Since 1665, Saint-Gobain has consistently demonstrated its ability to invent products that improve quality of life. One of the top 100 industrial groups in the world, Saint-Gobain has a presence in 64 countries, providing innovative solutions to save energy and to protect the environment.

Create a more energy efficient home

Over a quarter of all your homes warmth escapes through your windows and doors. In times of increasing energy bills, this can add up to a lot of extra money and wasted heat. When it comes to glazing, many homeowners focus on the frame style and security features assuming that all double glazing is equally efficient. In fact there are huge differences in performance and, perhaps surprising to know, it's actually the glass that is the most important element in optimising the energy efficiency of your windows and doors.

House with double glazing savings

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