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Spacer System

The gap between the panes of glass in a double glazed window is created by inserting a spacer around the edge of the glass that also seals the air or argon gas inside. There are two main types of spacers we can use and these are outlined below. For guidance on what spacer system is most appropriate for your needs, please contact us and we are happy to discuss your needs.

1. Metal Spacer

Two pieces of glass are separated by a metal spacer and sealed to provide a hermetically sealed unit. It has a primary water vapour proof seal and the secondary polysulphide seal. The airspace is provided with a desiccant inside the metal spacer to prevent condensation forming within the unit.

Features and benefits

  • Increased insulation and reduced energy costs
  • Wide range of solar control options that can be customised for each project
  • Suitable for hot and cold climates
  • Can be incorporated with a Low E coating for additional insulation
  • Reduced condensation

2. Super Spacer

Super Spacer comprises a Thermoset structural foam containing no metal, an integrated 3A desiccant and an advanced multi-layer vapour barrier structure. It is a 'warm edge' solution that minimises the transfer of heat for optimal performance. This does cost slightly more than the metal spacer, and is only quoted if requested.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced multi-layer vapour barrier structure
  • Integral 3A Desiccant
  • Excellent Resistance to Nitrogen and Argon Gas Absorption
  • Allows for expansion and contraction
  • Structural integrity
  • No compression set
  • Excellent UV Resistance

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