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I need a quote for my kitchen/cabinetry project. What are the steps?

We offer a free design and consultation service. We can visit your home and discuss with you your design requirements and budget restraints as well as go over the various options available to you. We will then provide you with a quote and a design of the kitchen we have come up with. This whole process will be fluid and we will change the design or kitchen options until we get the exact kitchen that fits your needs and budget. This may involve multiple changes to our drawings and re-quoting the kitchen various times. This is all part of what we do, and is gladly provided.

Our kitchen/cabinetry space is unique and needs to be custom made to fit in with what we are after. Do you make customizable joinery?

Yes! ALL our cabinetry and kitchens are individually made at our local joinery factory. Every single aspect of what we do is individual to your exact requirements and needs. And this is no more expensive to you, as we are specialists in this area. If your situation is unique, we will have a solution that meets your needs.

What options do you have for benchtops/kitchen accessories/handles/colours etc?

We have every possible option available for you that you can possible imagine. If you can find it on the internet, we will have the same options available to us as well. We use the latest in European hardware and systems, and we use multiple brands to offer you a full range of solutions that you can find from other companies. Please browse our website to see a range of these options. If there is something you cannot find, we can still source it easily from our many suppliers.

Do you get in external installers to install your kitchens or cabinetry like many other companies do?

No. We use the very same cabinet maker who made your joinery to install it as well. This ensures the smoothest possible integration from manufacture right through to installation as we do not have to pass on information from one person to another, or from one company to another. The cabinet maker who build your joinery will know exactly how it goes together, and he is the best possible person to carry out the installation as well. And as we are local, if anything needs to be altered, we can alter it back at our factory and be back out again on the same day. It is important to us that the installation of your joinery is as seamless as possible.

What warrantee do you provide with your products?

Our kitchens and cabinetry carry a three year warranty from the date of delivery and are warranted to be of good material, workmanship and free from defects, which render them unserviceable or unfit for the use for which they were intended. Well Hung Joinery is not liable for any defects or faults that are the result, of reasons, out of their control. Warranty claims will be honored at the discretion of the manufacturer as to whether the joinery is repaired, replaced or a monetary refund. Well Hung Joinery are not liable to reimburse any costs for products repaired or replaced without prior written consent from the manufacturer. No consequential losses will be considered.

Do you have a showroom where I can see some examples of your work?

Yes we do. See our Contact Us page for our address. While we cannot display every possible type of kitchen/cabinetry set-up, we have enough of a display to show you the quality of joinery you will receive and the types of options available.

Do you sell appliances?

While we can get involved in this if we are asked, we prefer not too as it can take a lot of time finding the right appliance for your needs. We would prefer that you visit the various stores selling appliances and select exactly what you are after. This is also easier for your warranty as you will deal directly with the manufacturer for any warranty claims you may have. We can take possession of any appliances we may need for fitting in your new kitchen, and we will store them until we are ready to install your new kitchen.

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