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Underbench Storage Units

The following is a small selection of various kitchen corner unit options for underbench storage as well as some  pullout storage units. 

There are many options to maximise space, and create better access into what is often a difficult place to reach.

Comfort Pull Out

Left or right mounted.
Widths: 225mm, 293mm, 360mm
3 x tray options
HET 9079682 (9.1.8)

Cargo IQ

Basic pullout unit
Widths: 150mm, 200mm, 300mm
Silver colour with translucent tray inserts.
HET 9077588 (9.1.11)

Spice Drawer/Tray Drawer

Made to any width. Soft close operation.
Additional gallery rails can be fitted to allow for taller bottles or trays.

Le Mans Corner Pullout

For complete and unrestricted access to a corner unit.
Blind corner cabinet with one door attached
Comes in 3 x door width options. 450mm, 500mm, 600mm.
Anti-slip mat on each shelf.
HET (9.1.22)

Three Quarter Circle Revolving Unit

For a corner cabinet with 2 x doors
2 x sizes available. 700mm diameter, 820mm diameter
White non-slip coating to each tray
HAF 542.31.282 (1.55)

Mondo 2

Corner revolving unit, where the doors rotate inside the cabinet attached to the revolving shelves.
Maximises access to the shelves as doors are not protruding out of the cabinet.
Grey plastic shelves. 25kg weight limit per shelf.
HAF 542.23.218

Semi Circular Revolving Corner Unit

Access into a blind corner unit
Anti slip mat on each shelf
HAF (1.58)

Magic Corner Pullout

A solution that maximises space giving full access into a corner cupboard.
Integrated soft close
Plastic coated steel
HET (9.7.19)

Wire basket pullout drawer.

Wire basket pullout drawer.
HAF (1.34)

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